Why is there no blogging going on here?
I have a whole blog thingy happening at http://blog.russcarneyofamerica.com

If I were to mirror those posts here, that would be doubling my work.  I'd be busy forever!  I'll post a thingy here every so often, maybe.

Would love to see you at my site!  Subscribe via RSS today!


PS: What the hell is up with my blog title?  I have no idea!  If you can think of a better name, I'm all ears.  I'm currently debating "Russ of America's Crack Magic" as an alternative.

Manzanita Gold!
Hey, you LJrs are really fun, btw.

Ever thought about committing a crime? Thinking about stealing Manzanita Sol? Don't fuckin' bother dude, because the protector of Manzanita Sol is only a photo away.

Manzanita Gold

Your pal,



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